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Democratize Loan Trading

Discover the vision, passion, and innovation that fuel our journey in revolutionizing the lending landscape. Learn about our founders, our milestones, and how we are empowering banks to transcend traditional boundaries and embrace the future of finance.


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Our mission

Empowering lenders through democratized loan trading, our automation streamlines participations and syndications. By curating like-minded buy-side clubs and innovating balance sheet processes, we fortify community-focused lenders for financial success

Streamlined Loan Participation

Beyond traditional methods, we leverage automation to simplify and enhance the loan trading experience, ensuring lenders can rapidly respond to market demands and customer needs.

Building Lender Communities

Our curated buy-side clubs bring together community-focused lenders. By fostering these alliances, we amplify collaboration, promote shared insights, and strengthen the fabric of the lending community.

Future-Ready Financial Solutions

In an ever-changing financial landscape, our innovative platform ensures lenders stay ahead, adapting seamlessly to shifts in the market and ensuring enduring financial success.

Participations Made Easy

Unlock the future of effortless loan participations with our refined, user-friendly platform, fostering seamless collaborations and transparent transactions. Discover unparalleled convenience and precision, enhancing your banking experience while optimizing balance sheet management, accelerating loan trading and surpass lending limits.

Our values

What we stand for


We don’t settle for good; we aim for greatness. By innovating, iterating, and rapidly addressing challenges, we drive community-oriented lenders and the banking industry forward.


With unwavering integrity and dedication, we uphold honesty, build enduring relationships, and tailor our services to fulfill and exceed our clients’ unique visions.


We champion collaboration, optimizing resources, and processes to ensure swift, sustainable, and seamless experiences while always hustling for every stakeholder’s success.

The founders

Shaping a New Era in Banking

Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery Co-founder and CEO
Matt Johnner
Matt Johnner Co-founder and President

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